Dholera’s Industrial Corridors: A Closer Look

Dholera’s Industrial Corridors: Paving the Way for a Smart Industrial Future

Dholera envisioned as India’s first platinum-rated industrial smart city, is set to redefine the landscape of industrial development with its strategic industrial corridors. This blog post offers a closer look at the ambitious plans and the potential impact of these corridors on the region and the nation.

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A Visionary Blueprint: The Master Plan

Dholera’s master plan includes the creation of a Special Investment Region (SIR) that spans approximately 920 sq. km., encompassing 22 villages. The strategic location between major industrial cities like Ahmedabad, Baroda, Rajkot, and Bhavnagar positions Dholera as a hub for ease of doing business.

Infrastructure at Its Core: Connectivity and Accessibility

The industrial corridors are designed to enhance transport efficiency and improve trade flows. A 6-lane access-controlled expressway and a Metro Rail Transit System (MRTS) will provide seamless connectivity, facilitating the movement of goods and people.

Economic Drivers: Diverse Industrial Sectors

Dholera aims to attract a wide range of non-polluting industries, including defense, aviation, electronics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, heavy engineering, auto and ancillary, general manufacturing, agro and food processing, and metallurgical products.

Sustainable and Smart: A Commitment to Green Development

The corridors are part of the National Industrial Corridor Development Programme, which aims to develop new industrial cities as smart cities, converging next-generation technologies across infrastructure sectors.

The Global Stage: International Connectivity

An international airport is being developed northeast of DSIR, which has already received environmental and site clearance, further enhancing Dholera’s global reach.

Dholera’s industrial corridors are not just pathways of commerce; they are the arteries of a future-ready city. With a focus on sustainability, digitization, and innovation, these corridors are set to become the backbone of a new era of industrialization.

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