Mirrikh Infratech plays vital role as a catalyst in Dholera smart city’s growth

Leading Surat-based real estate firm Mirrikh Infratech is committed to assisting people and companies in realizing their dream of owning a portion of the futuristic Dholera Smart City, which is quickly becoming a major international center for innovation and investment.

Having been in Dholera for more than 14 years, Mirrikh Infratech has made a name for itself in the real estate industry by continuously exceeding goals and providing outstanding value to partners and investors.

“I want to thank all our investors and business partners for their faith in us, which has enabled us to emerge as the preferred real estate partner for thousands of investors in Dholera,” stated Rajeel Kumar Jangir, Director of Mirrikh Infrastructure. We have successfully added more than 4,000 investors to the same platform throughout the years, which is a huge accomplishment for us and much more than we ever could have imagined. We’re determined to go above and beyond to keep our investors’ confidence.

The completion date for the Dholera International Airport is projected to be in 2026, marking a significant advancement in India’s aviation infrastructure. Upon completion, the airport will span over 4,000 hectares of land, making it one of the largest airports in the country. Mirrikh Infratech provides services to a wide range of investors, including those from over 200 cities in 25 states and eight countries. The business opened its larger, expanded Surat office on Thursday. Sandip Desai, the Surat MLA for the Choryasi constituency, was present at the inauguration.

“With the investments being made in Dholera and the enormous growth potential, we have a lot of optimism about the future. Having seen Dholera’s development over the past ten years, we hope to keep helping it flourish going forward. We have already developed a comprehensive plan that covers our goals and other sectors we plan to target through 2042,” Mr. Jangir continued.

Because of Mirrikh Infratech’s vast Dholera experience, investors can reserve plots in the Dholera smart city at incredibly low costs. Over the years, it has sold more than 3.5 lakh square meters of land in Dholera, demonstrating its reliability and the faith that customers have in the business.

In addition to realizing clients’ aspirations of becoming Dholera property owners, Mirrikh Infrastructure guarantees that their investments yield the highest returns. Utilizing a customer-focused methodology and prioritizing honesty, responsibility, and openness, the business offers outstanding solutions tailored to each client’s specific requirements and objectives.