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The Dholera Special Investment Region (SIR) is the first proposed smart green city to be developed as a global trading and manufacturing hub. The town will get the logistic support of Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) and will have a international airport and metro rail system. Dholera is touted to be one of the finest investment hubs for manufacturing industries eyeing to set up their base in India with its project goal to double employment potential and triple the industrial output. The first phase of development is proposed to be completed by 2022.

Dholera SIR Total Area
920 sq.km
Scheme Development Area
522 sq.km
Development of town planning schemes 1 to 6 to be done in 3 phases.

Real Estate


  • Located in Anantpur, Survey No-70, Dholera SIR
  • Area of about 233-773 sq.yards
  • Total Units is 89 plots with NA, NOC and Title clear plots
  • Project is situated on town planning main road with internal roads 18 mt wide
  • Benefits of plots are security and amenities
  • Amenities include 24*7 water supply and parking facilities
  • Strategically located near railway station and airport
  • Near important cities like Ahmedabad and Vadodara


  • This is a residential plotting scheme
  • It is located at Kamatalav, Survey No-11, Dholera SIR
  • The area is 100-178 sq.yards
  • The total units are 146 plots with clear title, NOC & NA
  • The project is situated on 12 mts wide town planning main road
  • The internal roads of the project are 12 mts wide
  • The project will have common plot of 13000 sq.ft
  • The common plot will have recreational facilities for all residents
  • The facilities like club house, garden & play area will be available.
  • Each plot will have a secure compound and 24*7 security
  • Safe drinking water, electricity & Wi-Fi facilities available.


  • This residential project is of area 200-652 sq.yard
  • It is located at Kamatalav, Survey No-75, Dholera SIR
  • The total Units are 94 plots with NA, NOC, clear title
  • The plots are at Kamatalav town planning with internal roads 12 meters wide.
  • It is located in a residential zone with common plot for residents.
  • Safe and secure compound for each plot
  • Common plot to have amenities like club, garden and play area.


This residential Row-House plotting scheme is located at Valinda, Survey No-343, Dholera SIR. The row house plots will vary from 150 sq.yards. The land has clear title, NA & NOC. There will be 04 common plots for the row houses with recreational facilities for the residents. The internal road will be 12 mts wide. The safety is assured 24*7 with regular water and power supply.


  • Project located at Kamatalav, Survey No- 76, Dholera SIR
  • This residential project has a total of 206 plots
  • The area of plot varies between 92 to 185 sq.yards
  • The project offers NA, NOC, title clear plots
  • All internal roads of the project are 12 mts wide
  • The residential zone common plot will be for use of society.
  • The common plot will have many facilities like play area, club house & garden.
  • The plots will be safe and secured with compounds.
  • This residential zone will have 24*7 water, electricity, Wi-Fi and many facilities.


  • This project is a residential project with 274 plots
  • This is located at Kamatalav, Survey No-74, Dholera SIR
  • The plots will be of varied sizes between 92 to 185 sq.yards.
  • The plots are title clear, with complete NA & NOC
  • All internal roads of the project are 12 mts wide
  • There will be a common plot inside the society with good facilities.
  • The region will have 24*7 water supply, electricity and Wi-Fi provision
  • It will have rain water harvesting & solid waste management
  • Each plot will be secured with a compound wall with 24 hour safety