ABCD Building Dholera

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One of the most important buildings in the Dholera Smart City project is the ABCD, or Administration and Business Centre for Dholera. With development agency offices, a command and control center, and a skill development center housed therein, it serves as the city’s operating center.

  • Built-in the TP2 West section of Phase 1, the ABCD is positioned within the knowledge and IT land use region in the commercial zone, west of the expressway. This position guarantees excellent visibility from the highway and proximity to the Dholera Special Investment Region’s (DSIR) first development region.
  • The building’s layout allows for the processing of all legal paperwork and permits through a single window, saving businesses and investors time and effort. A LEED GOLD certification is also anticipated for the ABCD facility, demonstrating Dholera’s dedication to environmentally responsible design and operations methods.
  • ABCD is essential to economic development and governance. It improves service delivery, accountability, and transparency in the government with its digital infrastructure and connected systems. Many government services are available to citizens online, removing the need for in-person visits to different offices. This saves time and effort, lowers corruption, and enhances government in general.

Not simply another office building, ABCD serves as the hub of Dholera’s expansive smart city initiative. It is the central location for government and private sector operations in the area, allowing for a smooth transition between administrative and business services. The consolidation of economic and administrative functions under one roof in Dholera is evidence of the planners’ holistic approach.

The cutting-edge infrastructure of ABCD is one of its main advantages. Outfitted with cutting-edge technology and contemporary conveniences, the facility offers a favorable setting for government representatives and corporate executives to carry out their activities effectively. Every feature of ABCD, including its smart meeting spaces and fast internet access, is intended to promote creativity and productivity.

ABCD promotes Dholera’s economic expansion. It minimizes red tape and expedites procedures by offering a single hub for business assistance and government services. This in turn draws capital and encourages entrepreneurship, which propels the creation of jobs and the region’s economic growth. Businesses find ABCD to be a one-stop shop for all of their needs, whether it’s getting permits or getting market information.

ABCD functions as a sustainable development paradigm. Every feature of the facility, including trash management and energy-efficient architecture, was created with environmental preservation in mind. ABCD paves the path for a more sustainable future by encouraging the use of renewable energy sources and green activities. This sets an example for other metropolitan centers to follow.

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