Guj’s First Vande Metro Will Connect A’bad To Dholera

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The first Vande Metro train in Gujarat is set to launch when the Metro Rail Corporation launches a service between Ahmedabad and Dholera. For the project, a feasibility study is presently being conducted.
With more than 100 small and large firms setting up shop, Dholera is quickly becoming a significant industrial hub. Notably, US corporation Micron is establishing its facility in Dholera, while Tata has revealed plans to build a semiconductor chip manufacturing in the area.

Increasing communication
The Center intends to operate a metro train in order to improve connectivity to Dholera. Metro connectivity is available up to 100 kilometers with the Vande Metro service. A senior government official told the Mirror that Dholera falls within the radius and that metro connectivity will accelerate the area’s growth.

Trials for the nation’s first Vande Metro are anticipated to start shortly and be launched the following month. This metro is designed for urban commutes up to 250 km and is a reduced-distance variant of the Vande Bharat. The first Vande Metro in the nation is probably going to operate between Tirupati and Chennai.

Quick and effective transportation
There will be fewer stations and faster speeds on the Vande Metro. In order to keep the train moving quickly between Ahmedabad and Dholera, there probably won’t be more than four stations. Less speed equals more stations, the official said.
Infrastructure development

The Ministry of Railways has received the train proposal, and a feasibility report is currently being prepared. Dholera’s development depends on the construction of social and other facilities. The influx of several international corporations will necessitate better services and connectivity for employees.
The state government is working on building airports and other transportation facilities, which should be finished by the end of the year. The official further stated that it is expected that schools, hospitals, hotels, and other essential services will soon be established.

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